The diligence and hard work of our community stakeholders and public servants–and a foundation of well-trained, highly-skilled labor–has brought Braidy Industries to our region, and with it, hundreds of good-paying jobs.

The 98th District needs a leader who will stay focused on bringing the next big development.   Complacency is not an option.  We must continue to diversify the economy of Eastern Kentucky to create even more opportunity for our region.  There are a few key ingredients to making that happen:

  • Continued investment in K-12 public education to give our young people the tools they need to become the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.
  • Aggressive utilization of resources like ACTC’s Technology Drive campus on the Industrial Parkway, building on our legacy of highly skilled workers.
  • Incentives for our college graduates to come back after completing their education and start a business, buy a home, or teach in our classrooms.
  • Supporting our local businesses to compete in an economy that too-often favors the big guys.

If elected, I will champion these causes to help Greenup & Boyd Counties stake our claim in the 21st century economy!