Developing a well-educated, well-trained work force is–without a doubt–the number one way to bring new employers to our region.

As the husband of a local public school teacher, I know how critically important it is for the people of Greenup & Boyd Counties to have a strong voice for public education in Frankfort, securing much-needed funding to provide teachers and students the tools they need to meet high educational standards.

When we face budget challenges, education is too often the first item on Frankfort’s chopping block.  As State Representative, I will demand that the security of our education system is always at the top of the legislative agenda.

Job creation starts with quality education.  I will work with nearby universities and technical colleges to invest in job training programs for students pursuing professional or vocational fields.  These efforts will bring high-skill, high-wage jobs, providing our young people the option to live and work right here in our community.