Our approach to the addiction problem in this region isn’t working.

Prison and Narcan are absolutely not long-term solutions.  We must do a better job of educating children about the dangers of this problem from a young age.  The DARE programs are excellent, and we need even more early intervention in our schools.  I am working on a plan that will introduce more comprehensive curriculum into our classrooms addressing drug abuse, and resources to help parents continue that conversation at home.

Over the years, we have managed to weed-out abusive doctors and shut down “pill-mills,” but there is justice yet to be delivered.  As your State Representative, I will fight to punish the bad actors in the pharmaceutical industry who knowingly unleashed this scourge on our people. 

From the drug manufacturers who continue to profit from the havoc wreaked by these highly-addictive substances, to pharmacists who saw this problem developing, and did nothing.

This problem is so pervasive, it complicates every other issue facing our region, from providing safe, drug-free public schools, to protecting the personal property of our citizens and business-owners.

Treatment saves money, and improves outcomes.  Job training programs help former addicts build a better life and stay off drugs.  New law enforcement strategies help our brave men and women in uniform get the dealers off the streets.

If elected, I will promote the “all-of-the-above” approach required to finally get this epidemic under control.